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鉄仙Tessen Tea Ceremony



Experiencing something unique to the destination and having a bonding time with locals can be one of the highlights of your trip.
Tessen offers the opportunities that meet your needs like above.
Experienced tea ceremony instructor and friendly host families with their area of expertise are waiting for you. Let's savor the moment we share here in Hiroshima.


  • 通常のお稽古
  • 通常のお稽古
  • 通常のお稽古

Cultural Experience

Programs for visitors to feel the Japanese mind through Chado(tea ceremony) and other Japanese cultural activities such as Ink painting, Miniature making, Calligraphy, Sushi making etc.. We are also preparing courses including homestay or home visit.

  • 茶道を英語で紹介する方法を学ぶお稽古
  • 茶道を英語で紹介する方法を学ぶお稽古
  • 茶道を英語で紹介する方法を学ぶお稽古

Regular Chado Class

We also regularly hold Chado(tea ceremony) lessons for those who live in Hiroshima, including international students. Three times a month, 1-2hr. for each lesson depending on the number of attendees. The lesson will be held in Japanese or in English.
For inquiry, please click "contact us" below and fill in the form.


Tea CeremonyTessen

1-3-12 Itsukaichi Ekimae, Saekiku,Hiroshima city, Hiroshima 731-5125 Japan



Open:Mon, Wed-Sat

Meeting place - North exit of Itsukaichi JR&Hiroden street car station.
4 minutes walk to our tea room from here.

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