Our Belief

Our Belief

About Tessen

Experiencing something unique to the destination and having a bonding time with locals can be one of the highlights of your trip.
Tessen offers the opportunities that meet your needs like above.
Experienced tea ceremony instructor and friendly host families with their area of expertise are waiting for you. Let’s savor the moment we share here in Hiroshima.

Savor the moment we share through Chado( Tea Ceremony)


Japanese Tea Ceremony is said to be perfected by 千利休(Rikyu) in the 16th century.It has passed down by his descendants and disciples to this century since then. Our school Urasenke suggests calling it “Chado” or “The way of Tea” , rather than “Tea Ceremony” because it is not about ceremony in fact. It’s the mental and physical practice of everyday life. See how we Japanese respect others and nature and how we exchange our goodwill through Chado. We hope you enjoy not only its visible beauty but also its background philosophy which has healed and helped us Japanese until today. 

In the spirit of 喫茶去(Kissako), we ‘d like to make a bowl of tea with all of our heart for you whoever you are, wherever you are from. Let’s treasure the encounter and savor the moment we share here in Hiroshima.

Peacefulness through a bowl of Tea(by Sen Genshitsu)

The former grand master of Urasenke put up the motto “Peacefulness through a bowl of Tea” and has visited more than 60 countries to introduce its philosophy.
We agree and follow his idea and set this as a basic motivation of our work.
“Harmony, Respect, Purity and Tranquility” are the 4 ideal principles. We feel this idea is not unique to the way of tea, it has much in common with other believes, religions, and teachings.
These 4 elements c an be observed in all the manners and procedures, so we believe that making a bowl of tea with all our hearts is a good way to express our sincerity and gratitude for the meeting with our guests. This is one of the goal we’re trying to embody.


Peacefulness through bondings between citizens


Our another aim is to facilitate bonding between tourists and locals.
It would be so nice if many countries become “where our friends live”.

Our host family group opens our doors to tourists for this project.
All of the members have the area of their expertise or professional skills they can share with you.
(Ink painting, Japanese cooking, calligraphy , tea ceremony etc.)
Choose either of visiting or staying and enjoy your bonding time with your host family!
We recommend to stay because having meals together and see what our life in Japan will be a special experience for deep understanding and friendships.

We hope our work through these two attempts can be one of the steps to the peaceful world.

Representative profile

藤川 宗寬

Fujikawa Soukan

1st-degree Instructor of Urasenke.
Started to learn tea ceremony since she was 18.
Still brushing up herself under the guidance of full professor Tatsuiwa Soue.
She devotes herself in Tea ceremony after her retirement.


1970 Start studying Tea Ceremony
2010 Open her class at her house.
2012 Licensed as 1st degree instructor
2016 Open Tessen Tea Ceremony in Itsukaichi.

Operating company

Name of company Koshin Partners Co., Ltd
Representative Fujikawa Soukan
Address 1-3-12 Itsukaichi Ekimae, Saekiku,Hiroshima city, Hiroshima 731-5125 Japan
Establishment Feb. 2015
Business Regular chado class, Chado experience class

Tea CeremonyTessen

1-3-12 Itsukaichi Ekimae, Saekiku,Hiroshima city, Hiroshima 731-5125 Japan



Open:Mon, Wed-Sat

Meeting place - North exit of Itsukaichi JR&Hiroden street car station.
4 minutes walk to our tea room from here.

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