Our Belief

Our Belief

Chado(Tea Ceremony):Introduction to
understanding the Japanese mind


Japanese Tea Ceremony “Chado” is said to be perfected by Rikyu (千利休) in the 16th century and has been handed down to this century by his disciples and descendants.

Our school Urasenke prefers to call it “Chado” or “The Way of Tea” rather than “Tea Ceremony” because it is not a ceremony or performance, but the practice of everyday life to train our mind.

Although not all the Japanese people are interested in Chado, its philosophy has penetrated into hearts of many Japanese over years as a core of the Japanese people’s mind.

We hope guests could enjoy not only Chado’s visible beauty but also its underlying philosophy which has healed and helped us Japanese until today.

Peacefulness through a bowl of Tea(千玄室)


Genshitsu SEN, the former grand master of Urasenke put up the motto “Peacefulness through a bowl of Tea” and has visited more than 60 countries to introduce the philosophy of Chado.

His idea and such an admirable behavior have become the major driving force for us to introduce Chado to guests from overseas.

“Harmony, Respect, Purity and Tranquility” are the four ideal principles of Chado. We feel this idea is not unique to Chado, it has much in common with other beliefs, religions, and teachings. We hope we can make our tea gathering where hosts and guests could interact with each other and exchange their goodwill by serving and receiving a bowl of tea under this philosophy.

World peace through bonding among citizens


Another major aim of Tessen is to facilitate bonding between visitors and local residents. It would be so nice if many countries become where our friends live. We believe that the friendship between visitors and us Hiroshima citizens will be the cornerstone of world peace.

To realize this idea, we also provide visitors with the opportunities to enjoy various Japanese cultural activities instructed by locals with their area of expertise. Chado-experience, Ink painting, Calligraphy, Miniature making, Sushi making Home visiting etc..

The interaction with local residents through cultural activities will surely foster friendship between citizens of the two countries.

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