Chado(Tea Ceremony) as a Insights into History and Philosophy2018.08.01

Steps and movement in Chado(Tea Ceremony) has reasons and philosophical background based on Zen Buddhism.
It is one of the enjoyment for practitioners to find out the teachings that gradually can be seen in the process of acquiring Kata by practicing it again and again.

We may be able to say that it is impossible to discover all the teachings and the teachings are not always the same to each practitioners. Even my mother, who has been practicing Chado for over 45 years is still in her halfway.
This is the reason practitioners of Chado have to keep practicing and training ourselves through all our lives.

As for me, I’ve been practicing Chado just for 23 years.
Long way to go!💨But I’m excited to learn more about this world.
(My bookshelf are full of the books related to Chado and Zen Buddhism that I haven’t started with though💦)

Introducing Chado to our guests helps me to try to find out the essence of this traditional culture. Although we have different custom, basic as a human beings, as a social animals is almost the same.
So I believe it must be very interesting to know what Japanese people have been passing down for over 400 years and what we’ve taken from this traditional culture.
If Chado could be found as a clue to deeper historical and philosophical insights, not only as a beautiful performance or exoticism, it would be more interesting and fruitful for guests.

We’re still in the process of studying.
The questions from guests put me back to the basic idea of Chado, and it cultivates me as a Tea Ceremony practitioner.





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