Advent of Spring2018.02.25


It’s getting warm day by day in Hiroshima.
Last weekend we put out #Hina_Dolls(Emperor and Empress dolls) in our tea room. These dolls are more than 65 years  old, bought for my mother when  she was born.

In Japan, we have a custom to celebrate Doll’s festival and Girl’s festival on the 3rd of March.
We call this festival #Hinamatsuri, praying for girl’s good health and safety.

Hina Dolls are displayed usually in February and taken down immediately after the festival because of the superstition saying leaving dolls after the festival results in daughter’s late marriage or missing chances to marry in the future.
(My mother didn’t seem to care this superstition pretty much though!)

My sons were very curious about dolls since it was their first time to have a close look. (We don’t have Hina dolls at home because we have only boys)

Boy’s festival “Tango no Sekku” is coming in May, let me introduce about it when we display special items for it!

Until the 3rd of March, we’re holding tea gatherings🍵 where you can feel the advent of spring though celebrating HinaMatsuri together🌸🌱

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