Hinamatsuri Private Tea Gathering until 3rd of March2019.02.20

Tea Gathering under the theme of Hinamatsuri until 3rd of March.

This is one of my favorite seasons since our tea room gets colorful with Hina dolls for this event.

By setting up Hina Dolls, having Chirashi sushi  and  white sake,  we wish girls’ health and happiness.

At Tessen Tea Ceremony,  Matcha green tea with beautiful confectionery of spring colors will served to you while

enjoying Hina Dolls decoration and Tea ceremony utensils related to this event.

Join us and enjoy the advent of spring.


Duration : 70-90 minutes.

Price: 3500yen –

what you can get :
Kimono fitting is also available.(option : +1500yen)

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Tea CeremonyTessen

1-3-11-602 Itsukaichi Ekimae, Saekiku,Hiroshima city, Hiroshima 731-5125 Japan


Open:Mon, Wed-Sat

Four minutes walk from itsukaichi station

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